August, 6, 2015


Pharma Consult GmbH (PHC) has announced that it has entered into a multi-year worldwide licensing and commercialisation agreement with Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (Emergent), relating to PHC’s military-grade emergency intramuscular auto-injector device technology. This agreement covers PHC’s military-grade emergency auto-injector devices (including its existing “PC-2M” device) which are intended for use for intramuscular self-injection of antidotes and other emergency response medical treatments that can address exposure to certain chemical agents and other similar emerging threats. Emergent will assume responsibility for registration, industrialisation and commercialisation of new, life-preserving auto-injector products. Emergent has recently announced that, on the basis of this licensing agreement, it will be launching the Emergard™ auto-injector product, for which it anticipates making its first deliveries in Q4 2015. According to Emergent, Emergard™ is designed to be transported, stored, and operated in a military environment and to ensure needle penetration and successful injection through chemical protective gear.

In announcing this agreement, Douglas Marenzi, CEO of PHC, said: “We are very pleased to have entered into this partnership with Emergent BioSolutions Inc. for our military auto-injector device technologies. Emergent’s extensive expertise and experience will mean that these technologies will be made available to a much wider market and on a significantly shorter timeline than PHC alone could have achieved. We see this as a further key milestone in PHC’s transition from a company which has both designed and supplied products to end-customers, into a business which is focused on the development and out-licensing of innovative and successful injection device systems. This approach enables PHC to play to its particular strengths, whilst Emergent’s competences in government contracting and commercial distribution of medical countermeasures to militaries and countries around the world can greatly enhance the global commercial prospects for our devices. We look forward to progressing with other existing opportunities which we have for the application of our injection device systems in life-threatening situations, as well as to initiating and pursuing additional new development and out-licensing opportunities.”

About PHC
PHC is based in Vienna, Austria and over many years has developed and supplied technologies and devices to address the needs for self-injection in the most challenging environments and life-threatening situations. With customers and partners ranging from international pharmaceutical companies to military and government authorities, PHC is a proven, trusted provider of innovative, robust technologies and solutions for self-administration of injectable drugs.

PHC is one of the very few such companies whose auto-injector devices have achieved international regulatory approvals and been successfully launched - and which are used by patients on a daily basis around the world. The company’s technology portfolio includes disposable auto-injectors, pre-fillable needle-safe glass syringes and reconstitution systems for lyophilised and powdered formulations.