December, 2, 2015



Pharma Consult GmbH (“PHC”), the drug delivery device technology provider is pleased to announce the signing of a Licensing Agreement with Emergent Biosolutions Inc. (“Emergent”), a global specialty pharmaceutical company offering specialised products to healthcare providers and governments to address medical needs and emerging health threats.

The Agreement provides Emergent with exclusive worldwide rights to PHC’s patented military-grade autoinjector device formerly known as PC-2M. Emergent has announced that it intends to launch and market a military autoinjector, EmergardTM, which is designed for intramuscular self-injection of antidotes and other emergency response medical treatments that can address exposure to certain chemical agents and other similar emerging threats.

Emergent has reported that it has received preliminary interest for EmergardTM and anticipates making its first commercial deliveries in Q4 2015; it has also indicated that it will seek approval from US FDA for EmergardTM.

Douglas Marenzi, Chief Executive Officer of PHC, stated “We are delighted to have entered into this particular partnership with a leading company involved in the development and supply of medical countermeasures for biological and chemical threats”.

David Urquhart, Head of Business Development for PHC, said “This deal represents a significant milestone in the development of PHC’s business, building on similar earlier agreements for its autoinjector technologies - including the development and licensing to ALK-Abelló of the PC-2A device which forms the basis of ALK’s successful Jext anaphylaxis rescue product”.

Mr Marenzi continued, “We will now focus our attentions on securing further partnerships for use of our PC-2A device with a range of other drugs which can be injected to treat life-threatening emergencies. In addition, we will also look at collaboration opportunities in relation to PHC’s portfolio of other injector technologies, which include reconstitution systems, needle-safety devices and novel autoinjectors”.

Notes: PHC’s autoinjector device technology is designed primarily for intramuscular injection of pharmaceutical agents and antidotes in case of life-threatening emergencies. These devices allow injections to be simply and safely undertaken by casualties themselves or by other persons who may not be medical professionals, such as First Responders, family members and colleagues. A simple, two-step operation enables rapid activation of a device, which automatically inserts a needle into a casualty’s muscle tissue (through clothing or uniforms) and injects the required volume of drug substance. An automated needle sheath protects against accidental needlestick injury from a used device.

PHC has a portfolio of patented autoinjectors and injection device technologies as well as reconstitution systems for drug formulations that are not stable in aqueous solution.

In 2012, PHC entered into a development, licensing and supply agreement with ALK-Abelló (“ALK”), a global pharmaceutical company that focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies. PHC developed and licensed the PC-2A device to ALK for use with epinephrine for the treatment of effects of anaphylactic shock; this is marketed internationally by ALK as “Jext”.

Douglas Marenzi: Tel: +43 676 831 07 208
David Urquhart: Tel: +44 7914 148044