Trusted partner for emergency self-injection.

Our injection device technology portfolio is supported by numerous granted international patents and our device development service is managed by an experienced and focused engineering team.

A member of Biomedica Gruppe, for many years PHC has developed and supplied technologies and devices to address the needs for self-injection in the most challenging environments and life-threatening situations. With customers and partners ranging from international pharmaceutical companies to military and government authorities, PHC is a proven, trusted provider of innovative, robust products and solutions for self-administration of injectable drugs.

Innovative R&D-partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

PHC is a leading provider of injection device technologies and associated development services, whose portfolio includes dispos­able autoinjectors, pre-fillable needle-safe glass syringes and reconstitution systems for lyophilised and powdered formulations.

With particular strengths in the develop­ment and provision of autoinjectors which are intended for intramuscular injection in emergency situations, PHC’s customers include government and military authorities, as well as international pharma­­ceutical companies.

We are one of the very few such companies whose autoinjector devices have achieved international regulatory approvals, have been successfully launched and are used by patients on a daily basis.